2004 In Review

Fun In The Snow Kasey at Basketball Practice
Easter Morning Dad and Kasey go to an Indian Princess Outing
Pretty Kasey Shelby goes for the Goal
Mmmm, Strawberries! with Wool E. Bull (Durham Bulls Mascot)
Everybody's Going Surfing... (OK, skimboarding) Here's Rowdy Gaines Gold Medal!!
And Here's Rowdy Gaines! Justin about to Crush the Ball.
Mom, why are you taking a picture NOW? Having No Front Teeth Makes You Swim Real FAST
Our Killer Whales The Poliachik Synchronized Diving Team
Shelby's First Day of School Anniversary Trip to Charleston
Atop the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair Shelby's School Thanksgiving Lunch
Ready for Christmas Angel Shelby
Family Christmas Photo Obligatory 2004 Dunes Photo

Happy New Year! Keep in touch!


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Kid's Dune Photo