2005 Photos

"This is the Puffer Fish" Easter Morning
Shelby's Easter Bonnet Shelby Tennis Lesson (nice tongue)
Visit to Baltimore Inner Harbor At the O's Game
Get Ready to Scream! Our Softball Players
Climbing the Crepe Myrtle Kasey Scores!
Kasey, friend, and Bob go Whitewater Rafting School Lunch - Kasey and Friend
Justin flies through the water Justin Pumps for his race
Great Race Shelby! THIS is Summer!
Beach Beauty Can We Dig to China?
Playing in the Ocean   On Dad's Shoulders
Jump Now! The Other Beach Beauty
Justin Pauses for a breath Our Killer Whales
This Year's Beach Dune Photo We Had A Great Time at the Beach
Best Swimmer in the City! WOOOOOOOH!
Shelby About to Crush the Ball (notice the tongue!) Look at Us! (Kasey and friend)
Ha Ha - I Fell ! Heels No 1 !?

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Justin's Team Wins Another Trophy