2006 Photos

Surfing on the 'board bench at Margaritaville in Orlando Shelby Drives to the hoop
Arrrrggggghhhhh! You need to floss...
Kasey Hurls It Justin Played Summer League JV Baseball (2nd on first row)
Feels... like a dolphin! Ready for 3D!!
Riding the Suessville Carousel, Universal Studios Orlando Coloring Eggs at Easter
Kasey the Actress Camera? Here's my smile!
We won Ribbons! ...and Justin's relay team too
Sliiiiide!!! Shelby smacks it
In 2006 we said goodbye to our 16 year old Barney... and hello to Yogi!
Yogi helps Dad work  Halloween Costumes
Kasey and Yogi pose Yogi chews garland...chews garland??
Dad and girl In the Christmas Parade! Thundercats!!!
One of many baseball trophies YAAAAAAA!


Happy New Year! Keep in touch!


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