2007 Photos

Yogi Bares His Teeth to the Killer Crab Kasey in the school's Cinderella Production
Shelby! Kasey the Hurler
Shelby and our "Bed Dog" Yogi "The Boys" Easter Picture
"Grandma" Kasey and Goldilocks Sing Yogi attacks a bug
Shelby Whomps It Dad and Swimmer Girl
The Kids can ALL Fly Flying
Backstroke Lime Green Walls for Kasey's Room
Hug Your Puppy Leaf Head
Setting up for the Double Play Swimmer Extrodinaire
WHAAA?? Peace
Obliglatory Family Beach Photo Yogi attacks Crab
Paddlin. Paddlin. Paddlin. See if you can hold your paddle level...
Skim Boarding Justin the Lifeguard
Flippin Wait'll you see THIS ball fly!
Kasey Koncentrates Dad and Daughter Date Night in Limo!
Wooooooo! Sky Slammin' Jammin'
Surfer Dude Surfer Mom
OoOoOoO! Danger! Waves!
Check Out the Water Flying From His Fingers! Look! I'm Up!
Surfer Dog! Surfer Girl
No Shelby, You couldn't fly! Shelby as "the schoolmarm"

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Shelby's a Wise Guy in the Christmas Pagent