2008 Photos

Chillin Holdin up the house
Kasey! Yogi and Mamma
Spy Training Try to keep your eyes up
The Girls Boogie in the Waves Family at Beach, Summer 2008
Shelby (in back) and Dad (front left) took a trip down the Natahala River Kasey Pitching for Apex Middle School
We all went to a UNC Football Game Justin Concentrates
Nap Time! Shelby Hurls It
Doing the Fly Getting in the Zone
Justin Catching a Breath Kasey Reflects on her Stroke
Uncle Paul Leads Justin to Sure Disaster Caught a Good One!
Sea Kayak Safely Ashore The Smiles lasted until the upcoming wave was discovered
Beach Baby Justin and Dad Race Jetskis
Trying to look cool on the Beach Kasey and Shelby on Steel and Vicki

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Kasey Helped Re-roof a local house over the summer as a mission project